December Cast On

I completed my Christmas knitting ( shh just in time). I had a need for a me, myself and I project. I have had the In Good Company Wrap in my Raverly cue ( like you do) for a long time now. It is a beautiful design by Espace Tricot . Grab yourself a copy here. I am a low budget knitter, and one thing my local box stores have been lacking is something I could substitute fingering weight yarn and mohair held double. Yarn Bee ( Hobby Lobby ) has been killing it with their yarn line lately, and they are staying on trend! I was super excited to find their new 44th Street yarn. They are calling it DK, but I would call it fingering. It has a really pretty fuzz to it ( I wouldn’t call it halo , I am not delusional!) Super soft and they have some great colors. Finally! All those fingering weight/ mohair patterns out there; I am coming for you!

It is 70% Acrylic/ 30% Polyamide . You get 100g and 540 yards/ 500 meters. At $4.29 a skein that is some bang for your buck! And it makes my little thrifty heart happy.

I got gauge with two strands held together. I think the reason for this is the yarn used in the pattern is wool which will bloom with blocking. Acrylic yarn will get softer but the gauge usually does not change much ( not a firm rule, just an observation). I had first decided on two colors that were far apart in value. It was looking more marled and I thought it was taking away from its intended design. I quickly ripped it out and started it again with colors that were close in value. I think it is a better fit , and it has more tonal look to it. It gives depth to those beautiful patterned stitches. The colors I am using are Camel/ 03 and Ivory/ 01. I am happy with the way it is knitting up.

I have made it through the patterned stitches just in time for holidays. Looks like lots of conversational stockinette to keep my hands busy ( eat less cookies that way).

I have noticed that I seem to be losing some fuzz factor from knitting ( probably my gauge). I think I can fix that with blocking. I will tie my ends in good and run it through the wash a time or two ( like any respectable acrylic knitter). I will let you know how it turns out.

Thank you for stopping by! I love to chat knitting. Look me up on IG @theboxstoreknitter!

Happy Holidays and knitting!

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I have made knitting a daily part of my life for the past 15 plus years. Knitting speaks to my insatiable need to learn new things. You can spend a lifetime knitting and never know all aspects. I love history and watching British people solve mysteries. I love one pot meals and simple baking. I look forward to planting in the spring and watching my small garden grow. I enjoy and simple life at home with my family.

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